Thank You from Champions of Powerful Living

We would like to thank our customers and subscribers for supporting our mission to help us all live a more powerful life. Although it wasn't an easy decision, the time is right for us to move on to some other projects so we are shutting down Champions of Powerful Living. While we will no longer be maintaining our blog, website, and newsletter; we will continue to make our most popular products available on Amazon.

Thank you!
Kara Lane

Wake Up to Powerful Living: 12 Principles to Transform Your Life!


This 100-page book provides you with the core principles that will help you establish the foundation for a happier life. Just as there are fundamentals for any sport, artistic endeavor, or business; there are also certain fundamentals that are the basis for creating a life you'll love.


Companion Workbook to Wake Up to Powerful Living


The companion workbook helps you apply the 12 principles to your specific life circumstances. For each principle, we provide you with Key Points, Action Steps, and Reminders. There's also a worksheet to help you track your progress.